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Posted on: 18 Dec 2020

Subaru Nepal is open for business but we are taking proactive measures to create a safe environment at our facilities and ensure everyone’s health. Down below are the precautionary measure that we follow at our facilities and the work that will be done for your car at our servicing center.

Protocol followed at our facilities:
1. Stall will wear appropriate PPE gear.
2. As the drive in, cars will be sprayed on the outside by a Sanitizer spray.
3. Customers will exit the car and step into a shallow foot sanitizer.
4.Customers will have to wash your hands and use the sanitizer provided.
5.The Service advisor will maintain social distance while taking in queries and listening to car issues.
6.The Customer Care will check your vehicle history as well to see what else is required as per your Km reading etc.
7.The inside of the car will be sanitized and sprayed prior to our staff working on it.
8.Customers will require to maintain social distance while the work is being done.
9.When the work is completed, the car will be handed over to the customer.
We request that our customers please comply with the social distancing norms in place, and by wearing your mask etc. when you visit the workshop.

Summary of work that will be done:

1. Inspection of Coolant, Brake fluid, Engine oil and Other Fluids, top up if necessary .
2. Inspection of Battery water level, Voltage level testing , Cleaning terminals if Necessary, top up of Water level & Charging them.
3. Inspection of tire pressure, maintain the required pressure, rotating tires.
4. Cleaning or changing of filters, eg air filter, AC filter
5. Interior Cleaning for insect infestation, also Prevention of Smell and Bacteria while turning on AC.
6. Inspection of Brakes for Seize and do the necessary remedies if required.
7. Pressure wash for Cleaning the dust collected at various parts like the suspension, brakes, along with checking the air filter and replacing if necessary. Rubbing and treatment of windshield marks on wind screen.
8. Use of BG Quick clean and BG RF-7 for removing deposits in the actuating parts.
9. Accumulated deposits on the fuel line and Air throttle and be removed and cleaned with BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner and BG Air Intake System Cleaner.
10. Sanitizing the steering wheel, gear knobs, levers, door handles, wheels, wheel wells etc. inside and outside and the entire car with our sanitizing spray & disinfectants

For more information,

Contact – +977-5249377, 5249316