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Posted on: 09 Feb 2021
The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD) is the four-wheel drive system developed by Subaru.

The uniqueness of this system is that the powertrain is symmetrically laid out in a straight line with a horizontally opposed engine which maximizes the potential of a four-wheel drive because all the four wheels bear equal weight and power (torque) is transferred to all of them. In 1972, the first-generation Subaru Leone Wagon was equipped with the earliest version of an optional part-time SAWD system. The first full-time SAWD system came with the automatic non-turbocharged version of the Subaru XT In 1986.

While many automobile manufacturers boast about their 4WD systems, Subaru is the only one with a Symmetrical AWD. The benefits of the Subaru SAWD are a boon for the Nepalese roads. Not only can it tackle the Nepalese terrain, but it ensures the highest level of safety and comfort. It provides better control and performance than other all-wheel drive systems on both paved and unpaved roads.

Subaru SUV on the way to Jomsom

You can get maximum traction/grip of the tyre, which is perfect for slippery roads. The system can detect a slipping wheel faster than the blink of an eye and pull power away from that wheel, and redirect it to the wheels that still have traction. What’s more, the tyres last longer as they wear uniformly.

The Symmetrical AWD of Subaru lets you avoid accidents before they happen because the all-wheel drive is full-time and you don’t have to waste time by pressing any buttons to activate it. Overall, the system ensures stability, ride comfort and high performance. If there’s one thing in life that will never let you down, then it’s the Symmetrical all-wheel drive system of Subaru.

Subaru XV