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Posted on: 09 Feb 2021

X-mode, which is only available on Subaru vehicles, is designed to give you added traction and stability on steep ascends, descends and slippery paths.

It is a standard feature on the Subaru XV, Forester, Outback and Ascent. Do you know about the superior traction, control and stability provided by the Symmetrical All-wheel drive (SAWD) feature in Subaru? If not, click the link below to find out more!

Article on- The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Subaru

The X-mode feature goes above and beyond the SAWD in addition to complimenting it by maximizing the traction of the tires. When you activate X-mode other critical components like the brakes, electronic control of the engine, transmission etc. is optimized. One push on the X-mode button and it activates Hill Descent Control, so that you don’t have to be constantly pressing on your brakes while going down steep slopes and you can concentrate on steering while the system maintains speed and stabilizing the vehicle.

Drive with more confidence in the roughest of terrains by enabling X-mode whenever you need it. Your peace of mind is just one button away. Visit our showroom at Naxal, Kathmandu and see it for yourself by taking one of Subaru SUV’s for a test drive.

Subaru in Nepali off-roads