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Posted on: 11 Feb 2021

For all you pet owners out there who might be considering to buy a vehicle, you should definitely take into account the ride your pet would love! Whether it’s your cat or dog, you need to ensure that your vehicle is pet-friendly. Many of us have been forced to leave our pets behind with our friends and neighbors during vacations because we don’t have enough space to accommodate them in our cars. Gone are those days, you can roam the country with your beloved 4 legged companion. The Subaru is every pet-lovers dream come true.

From a spacious cabin for your dog to lay down or move around in, a large window that lets your pet enjoy the views without rolling down the window to plenty of cargo space, Subaru has it all. The cargo floor is low and easy to access which makes it easier for your pet to get in and out. In cases where your pet is ill or injured you can easily carry them in or out of the car. The well padded seats and climate control will keep you and your pet happy and comfortable throughout the ride in all weather. Furthermore, with its Boxer Engine, Symmetrical All Wheel Drive, high ground clearance, easy off-roading, and all-round safety features, Subaru will always keep you, your family AND your pet/s safe.

Globally Subaru celebrates October as the ‘Subaru Loves Pets Month’ and launches several initiatives to help them by partnering with animal welfare organizations. Subaru retailers all over the world have supported in donating pet supplies and helping shelter animals get adopted. The motive behind this initiative is to return the love that pets give us. Hence, even by driving pet friendly cars like Subaru, you are loving them back as much as they love you. We in Nepal are also going to partner with one of the organizations that help stray animals to do our bit as well.