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Open the official website and download the software. Step 2 : Once the emulator is installed, just open it and find Google Playstore Game icon on the home screen of Memuplay. Just double tap on that to open. Find the official Game from FocoStudio developer and click on the Install button.

Download older versions Download Aladdin Game 3. Jungle Temple Blast. Color Clock. Mahjong Master 2. Rotate Ball Shoot Fun. Jumper Super Red Rabbit. You Craft: Block Survival Game. Bone Dinosaur. Escape games: deserted island2. Super Firo Go – World Adventures. Escape game Musician Room. If the player manages to find Genie or Abu, he will receive bonus rounds.

The bonus round after the player finds the Genie is a game for apples, gems or extra lives, and can be played until Genie runs out of tokens or lands on Jafar. In the bonus rounds of Abu, the player gets to control the little monkey. In this level there are several bonus items falling from the sky, which have to be caught by the monkey, without it touching unwanted objects, such as pots and rocks. The version for Super Nintendo was a bit different, and was published by Capcom in the same year.

However, the game was released in Europe in the beginning of The main character is not equipped with a scimitar as in other versions. He has to attack enemies by jumping on them like in Mario. However, the player can still throw with apples in this version. Aladdin becomes a prince, after being a street rat in the beginning. There is an extra challenge in the game, when Aladdin has to find 70 red diamonds.

It is not mandatory to collect all of them in order to finish the game, but in the final credits the number of collected diamonds is mentioned. Aladdin was received extraordinary at that time, winning the Best Genesis Game of award, offered by Electronic Gaming Monthly.

The Best Animation was another award Disney’s Aladdin won. Aladdin is reviewed all over the internet with 5 out of 5 stars, and is considered one of the best games of that period. Only the game developed for Super Nintendo was sold in over 1. Justin Garcia CoolDuelist said on Forum :. But I feel that I must say The level Sultan’s Dungeon is Extremely annoying and if your not much of a gamer is extremely hard.

Although the rest of the game is easy with maybe a few challenges to make the game enjoyable, this is the only level that is no fun, annoying and hard. Of course, this level isn’t the only one that might be hard, but at least they’re fun to play.

This game is cool though. Recommended by me JGCD! Before yall say wheres the download link, game fabrique is a sega genesis site only. Browse games Game Portals. Install Game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Cheats 5 Discussion You’ve Got Three Wishes As Aladdin, you run, jump, creep, crouch, and fight your way through the game’s seven levels. ProTips: When youreach the Palace, run to the right as fast as possible to avoid being skewered by a guard.

The French Bread in the cavern is instant death, Cruise through the Cave of Wonders in the upper area, because the lava jets spray out of the bottom. If you fall into a hole, you lose a life. It’s more important for you jump over the holes than to evade the barrels. When you reach this Ion cranlspace in the cavern, tap Left twice on the control pad to run, then hit Button 1 to slide. Overall rating: 9. Sega Master System. If you collect 10 Red Gems for every stage, you’ll see a different ending, but you cannot use passwords or continue.

Good Luck! In the first cave of the second stage, just after the chest with the Scarab in it, you’ll see a bat. Jump on the bat to reach a ledge, and then head right for a 1-up. Jump off bats to snag Red Gems. ProTips: As you run through the molten lava caverns, remember that you can bounce off of any rock, including the dangerous-looking pointy rocks that bob up and down in the lava.

There’s a Red Gem hidden in the clouds just before the exit to the first Genie stage. Overall rating: 8. Do You Trust Me? Last year s Disney film continued its magic on video game systems coming this fall or winter. Manufacturer: Sega of America Machine: Genesis. Dodge flame bursts, burning lava and rocks on your magic carpet. In short-escape the Cave of Wonders before you become a shish kebab.

It’s come to this. Good vs. You vs. Seem like a fair fight? Well, he’s got the lamp. Then again, you’re Aladdin. You’ll figure something out.

He’s a cobra. A big cobra. And he’s a little upset. Use that scimitar to let him know what’s up. It’s the only thing he’ll understand, trust us. Overall rating: 7.

Theme: Action Release: Prince Ali If you haven’t seen the movie, see it! A Whole New World Disney’s licensed many of their gorgeous animated characters to different companies for translation into video games. ProTips: Don’t forget that Aladdin can swing across ladders and ropes to cross difficult areas. Search for this Merchant in any of the levels.

He’ll sell Aladdin 1-ups and other goodies. Remember to collect gems, so you’ll have the cash to purchase the goodies. Try to hit the button just after Jafar’s face flashes to have the best chance of getting a bonus treat. You can often reach seemingly impossible spots in the Desert by jumping on palm trees. To defeat the Agrabah boss, stand on the top platform, leap the stones he tosses, and then toss an Apple at him.

Repeat until he’s done for. If you run out of Apples, there are more at the bottom of the screen. In the Desert, stand behind the column on the right to get sucked up to a hidden Merchant. When the Skeletons explode in the Sultan’s Dungeon, their flying bones can damage Aladdin.

To escape from the Desert, you’ve got to chase the Scarab across the sands. You’ll find it first at the base of a tower of blocks, on the right-hand side. Then, it moves to a cave near the outhouses.

Enter the cave from the right. Finally, it hovers near the exit to the Desert. In the Escape from the Cave of Wonders, don’t let the boulders even clip your heels or you’re done for. Take a clue from the Genie’s hand! It’s pretty easy to figure out. The enemies are not just humans but also animals from the desert.

For safeguarding oneself, you must use scimitar that aids in deflecting projectiles when attached from close range and apples for long range. Throughout the game, you must go on collecting enough gems, helpful for trading lives and for travel.

The game also offers bonus rounds played either with Genie or Abu. Ensure you use the maximum of this, for collecting as many gems and points as possible for reaching the palace sooner.

The monkey aids in catching as many bonus items as possible falling from the sky. However, beware of rocks and pots, or else the bonus level will go to waste. Filled with extensive humor, fun, and graphical presence, Aladdin recreates the magic of movie in the video game too, gaining a thumbs up from players all over the world.

Developed by:. Virgin Interactive Entertainment Richard Branson expanded his Virgin business into computer games in the early 80s, initially concentrating on the ZX Spectrum. Add new comment. Next Game. Previous Game. WordPress Lightbox Plugin. You might also like.

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Aladdin Game for PC / Mac / Windows – Free Download – .

Super Firo Go – World Adventures. The swinging, running and jumping are smooth, despite some slowdown against the final boss. The sounds and music are also top-notch, with lot of emphasis on theme and atmosphere. One of your own is about to make video game history thanks to the magic of Disney, Virgin Games, and Sega.


Download Aladdin Game for PC.

Of course, this level isn’t the only one that might be hard, but at least they’re fun to play. First, test your reflexes on high-speed chase scenes, then – if you survive – put your brain to work on the maze stages. The levels are long, but not endless. The swinging, running and jumping are smooth, despite some slowdown against the final boss.


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