Vijay Motors Pvt. Ltd, Matrix Holdings, Service Plus and BG Nepal Pvt. Ltd. belong to a larger group of companies established over 48 years ago and includes a Tea Estate, Bought leaf tea factories, other vehicle brands, agro industries eg, feed industry, poultry, fishery and farming among other things.

However, each company runs as a separate profit center and is independently operated and managed.

Mission Statement 

  • To continuously strive towards providing complete customer satisfaction,' creatingcustomers for life’, and to bring products and services  that will enrich or enhance the lives of the Nepali people and to give  back to society in whatever way possible.
  • To be the most sought after Company, and products, in Nepal, in terms of experience and quality After-sales support.
  • To make the complete ownership experience a wonderful one, for that “Special Journey called Life”.
  • To provide personalized, professional and competent services in an honest and transparent manner at all times.
  • To continuously aim to foster vibrant and progressive companies.