Fine-tuning base performance for better safety.
SUBARU has fine-tuned all the basic functions of a car – driving, turning and stopping – to develop cars that offer exceptional stability and predictable control. SUBARUs designed with such a high level of basic functionality are also designed to avoid dangerous situations with an outstanding reputation for safety.

Sturdy, yet agile frame

A rigid body is perhaps the most important factor that is regularly overlooked. Car bodies with insufficient rigidity suffer from shaking throughout the frame when driving over gaps or cornering, resulting in unpredictable, unreliable behaviour. SUBARU uses bodies built with the new Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frames concept, giving the driver faithful response and reliable drivability.

Outstanding traction and reliable drivability with the Symmetrical AWD system, and suspension with excellent control capabilities for car behavior that the driver expects. A highly-rigid and lightweight body for surefooted driving and higher levels of risk avoidance. The Hill-start Assist function also helps to reduce driver fatigue while on the road.

Active Torque Vectoring


Imagine being able to drive into a slippery corner on a snowy or rainy day without unpredictable car movement, turn exactly as intended through the corner, and head out of the corner smoothly. SUBARU includes a number of functions that make smooth cornering a reality.

Brake Assist / Brake Override

During emergency braking conditions, the majority of drivers are unable to apply sufficient brake pressure, which often makes collisions worse than they might have been. The Brake Assist function assists the driver in pressing the brake pedal to prevent these situations from occurring.

Vehicle Dynamics Control

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