Achieve Peace of Mind with the Ultimate Braking Performance of Subaru

Achieve Peace of Mind with the Ultimate Braking Performance of Subaru

Have you ever faced a close situation where a vehicle or a person or an animal pops out of nowhere on the road and you need to be as quick as lightening to press the brake pedals?

For these kinds of close calls, Subaru’s brakes are designed to respond quickly and keep you safe. Our high performing brakes equal to higher safety and risk aversion capabilities. So, what makes Subaru’s brakes reliable? The answer lies in the feature of Electric Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist and Brake Override.

Electric Brake-force Distribution: EBD is a system that distributes braking power at an optimum rate between the front and rear wheels to suit driving conditions. Depending on the way you drive the car and the car’s weight – the front and rear wheels rotate at different rates. For more reliable braking the system distributes braking power to certain wheels to suit driving conditions.

Brake Assist: Sometimes you may not able to apply sufficient pressure on the brakes during emergencies. As the name of the feature suggests, the brake assist function will assist you to press the brake pedal.  Depending on the speed and force you apply to press the brake pedal, the system automatically increases the brake pressure by determining that you need emergency braking assistance.

Brake Override: Sometimes we might get taken by surprise on the road and press the wrong pedal. If by chance you press the accelerator and the brake at the same time, the system limits engine output and applies the brakes first.

These braking features in Subaru’s can not only give you peace of mind but it can save your life during emergencies. Such features are what make a Subaru, a Subaru because we advocate safety above all.

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