Navigate Any Trail with Subaru’s 220mm (8.7 inches) Ground Clearance

Navigate Any Trail with Subaru’s 220mm (8.7 inches) Ground Clearance


Ground clearance or ride height is the minimum distance between the lower end of the vehicle and the road. The Subaru Forester, Outback, and XV offer ground clearance up to 8.7 inches (220mm). You will certainly enjoy a smoother ride as a result of the higher ground clearance no matter which trail you choose to travel on.

Subaru off-road adventure in Nepal.

With a high ground clearance, you will be able to navigate rougher terrain without scraping vital parts of your vehicle against the ground. This is perfect for the uneven and bumpy off-roads of Nepal and you won’t ever have to worry about sustaining damage if you drive carefully in a Subaru. The high ground clearance is also useful to negotiate high waters on the road during monsoon or in rural areas of Nepal where there are rivers flowing through the roads, or as you know sometimes the rivers are the only paths.


Subaru XV Customer's Adventure in Nepal during Monsoon season
Subaru XV Customer’s Adventure in Nepal during Monsoon season

Even for city driving you won’t hit the speedbreakers with the lower part of your vehicle, not to mention the potholes that are scattered throughout the valley. Therefore, higher ground clearance also translates to lower maintenance because the underneath of your vehicle rarely hits anything.

So get yourself a Subaru SUV, if you are an adventurer in Nepal who loves to go off the beaten path and seek to travel in style without compromising your safety.

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