Boxer Engine: The Heart of Every Subaru

Boxer Engine: The Heart of Every Subaru

The Boxer Engine is one of Subaru’s core technology and one of the reasons that make all Subaru’s safe and reliable. We call it the BOXER engine because the engines are placed in a horizontally opposed manner and the pistons move horizontally, which resembles a boxer throwing punches. The only other manufacturer to use Boxer Engine is Porsche, and only in some models. This makes Subaru the only manufacturer in the world to use the Boxer Engines in all its models.

Moving on to the benefits, the Boxer Engine allows the power to flow in a linear manner due to its flat layout which results in better fuel economy. Subaru has been called the most fuel efficient vehicle in America in comparison to its four-wheel drive competitors. The Boxer Engine design lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity which equates to more responsiveness and safety. In the event of a frontal collision the engine structure will be pushed forward which will minimize the impact on the passengers. Additionally, it creates better weight distribution in the front and rear part of the vehicle along with making the vehicle more lightweight and compact.

Overall, the Boxer Engine delivers a smooth ride with fewer vibrations. Combined with the Symmetrical All Wheel Drive feature of Subaru, no other vehicle can match Subaru’s safe, smooth and stable experience.

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