Safety is What Truly Matters and Subaru Has Got You Covered from All Sides

Safety is What Truly Matters and Subaru Has Got You Covered from All Sides

Subaru has all-round safety features which will finally make you feel at peace. Let’s start with the basics. To protect the passenger compartment, we have an advanced airbag system with up to eight airbags (front-impact, side-impact, knee and overhead airbags) depending on the model.

In case of an unfortunate event of a collision, the seatbelt pretensioners tighten the seatbelts to place the driver in the optimal seating position automatically. You can also be worry free of intruders when you leave your vehicle parked and unattended as Subaru has an ignition disabling device that will not let the engine start if the correct and original manufacturer key is not used.

The rear vehicle detection technology in Subaru’s include features such as Blind-Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist, and Rear-Vision Camera. In addition to the rear vision camera, the considerably sized wide windows give you excellent visibility. Remember the annoying high beam headlights that almost blind you while driving at night? The LED Responsive steering headlights with high beam assist can switch the headlights between high and low settings automatically when the system detects an oncoming vehicle. Hence, Subaru also enhances safety for other drivers on the road.  Furthermore, the LED front fog lamps in the Subaru SUV’s provide you with an enhanced visibility for nighttime time driving.

Subaru Forester Headlights

Furthermore, the core and unique technology of Subaru, the symmetrical all-wheel drive system lets you maintain balance and stability in all road conditions by providing maximum traction. Combined with the Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), an electronic device which prevents the car from skidding and the boxer engine, which makes the vehicle body lighter Subaru gives you the ultimate control and assist while driving, that is second to none. These features will be a life saver for the steep and dangerous off-roads in rural Nepal as well as the high accident zones of several cities and highways.

Subaru XV on the way to Muktinath, Nepal
Subaru Forester amidst Nepal’s natural beauty
Subaru SUV on the way to Jomsom, Nepal

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