Subaru: The Best Family Car

Subaru: The Best Family Car
When it comes to the best family SUV, the Subaru is a smart choice.


The 2019 Subaru Forester is among the 12 best family cars of 2019 according to Kelly Blue Book, a renowned vehicle valuation and automotive research company.

Subaru FamilyWith the Subaru SUV’s, that has a ground clearance of 220mm, you and your family can ease through roads in any condition. The SUV is spacious enough for your kids, their friends and your pets and any other cargo you may have to fit in the trunk. With the vehicles symmetrical all-wheel drive standard feature, we ensure your and your family’s comfort, safety and stability throughout your adventures.

The Subaru SUV range is packed with features such as LED headlights, automatic power door locks, an electronic parking brake, windshield de-icer, automatic climate control, USB ports, roof rails, to mention a few. It is THE FAMILY SUV that has everything you’ll ever need to conquer anything from your daily errands to your adventurous off-roading trips.

Mustang, Nepal
Picture from a Subaru couple honeymooning in Mustang, Nepal
Customer's Travel in Nepal
All packed and set to go for an off-road Adventure in Nepal
So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for the perfect SUV for you and your family, the Subaru is your best choice.
Subaru Family
Subaru Family

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